Immigration And Citizenship

Family Visa Petitions

Our approach to Immigration law is simple. You want to be together with your love ones in America. Our job is to make our 20 year experience in Immigration Law work for you. We are licensed to practice in Federal immigration law in all 50 states and sworn into the Federal Circuit Court. We have a working knowledge of government agencies. Our office in Manila Philippines supports immigrants as they navigate their way in the U.S. Embassy.
Work Visa and Employment in America
America has jobs and the government want well qualified and outstanding workers. Our expert attorneys we will provide you with all options, strategies and recommendations on how to legally work in America.

Business and Investment Visas

America is the land of opportunity and business people who invest in the U.S. by establishing a new business or purchasing an existing company may qualify for an investor’s visa. So many options are available for those who seek to invest and to succeed in business in America. Work permits could become available for a spouse and children. This offers an excellent opportunity to make your money work for you in a vibrant economy of change and opportunity.

Removal and Deportation Defense

If your case involves illegal residency, criminal convictions, domestic violence allegations, or immigration fraud, we may be able to help you. We have won cases in Immigration Courts all over the United States. We appeal cases to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Civil Law

What do you do immediately after an auto accident? What are your rights when you hit someone? How much can you recover when you are injured? What’s pain and suffering? What are your legal rights in a slip and fall? What are your rights when someone breaks a promise or an agreement? How do you file for divorce? How can you gain custody of your child?


Let us help you get a fresh start. Let the Lazaro Law Group help you weigh your financial circumstances and decide if bankruptcy is the best way to get some financial order back into your life.


What's New

Drugs and Visa

Visa Medical Exams and Drug Use

Many American politicians who have had experiences with drugs, among other youthful indiscretions, can usually get by with an absurd statement such as “I didn’t inhale!” and still get elected. If you’re applying for a visa to enter the United States, that answer won’t work. And, rest assured, during your visa medical examination, the examining physician will ask you questions about any use of controlled substances, and perhaps even alcohol use.

Immigrant Right to Challenge the Government

Every year millions of people enter and exit the United States. After all, the country is known as “the land of opportunity.” However, recent concern over the number of immigrants entering the U.S. has led to sometimes abrupt and unnecessary removal of immigrants living in the United States.

And Justice For All

Full Force of the Law

Even the biggest of the big can fall. The beauty of our legal system is that any one and I mean anyone can have their day in court and given due process. This is the bedrock of our constitution. I know that there are those who think true justice is just for the rich. (more…)

Family Rule

Obama Seeks Family Unity – A New Immigration Rule— Johnson Lazaro, Esq.


Free Seminar on Family Reunification

Keeping Families Together Is Basic

Family reunification is just about the most prominent and the most important issue when it comes to immigration to the U.S. Many clients come to our office because they want to reunite with their loved ones. For our first free legal seminar of the year, we will focus on how to reunify with your family – the basics of family visa petitions. (more…)

Exploitation of Pinoy Domestic Workers<

Many Cases Go Unreported

Not too long ago I was interviewed by a local television reporter regarding domestic Pinoy workers being practically enslaved by United Nations diplomats here in America. At that time domestic workers had marched from the Philippine Consulate to the United Nations in an effort to call attention to their plight and demand justice.

Fiancée Demands Payment or Else…

He thought he knew her well. A romantic relationship spanning two years gave him the assurance that this was the real deal. She was the love of his life – a match made in heaven. He longed for the time to settle down with his sweetheart and start a family. (more…)

America Wants Your Business

“The chief business of the American people is business.”

These words were spoken by Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, in a speech given before American newspaper editors on January 17, 1925 in Washington, D.C. Almost a century later, these words still hold their meaning for Americans, and hopefully for those immigrants who would become Americans. (more…)

Immigration Law Reform – What We Don’t Want

The Fundamental Problem

The problem of immigration reform hasn’t really changed that much over the last decade. Its static state is summed up pretty nicely by a letter to the editor of the New York Times made by one Gary Merritt of Birmingham, Ala. (off all places):

How To Choose A Lawyer

Landing on Another Planet

An immigrant, legal or not, may sometimes feel as if he or she has landed on another planet when in America, especially when facing the legal complexities of the immigrants’ situation. And it’s not just immigrants who face the dilemmas of law. From time to time, every individual in America faces legal conundrums and needs advice or representation. When they seek counsel, the choices offered are awesome and overwhelming.

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